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La Belle Maison Reymond is a cottage in the most beautiful part of Haute-Alps – Champoléon on the entry of the National Park Ecrins.

The main task was to describe the house itself as much as possible and show how light and big it is.

The Website was added to #madeontilda best websites collection.

Visit online:

Great Taya, expert in kindness and efficiency! I really like the result and I recommend Taya's talents without hesitation!!! There you have it, the most beautiful site of the most beautiful gîte in the most beautiful the world!

— Claude Minaudo

Designing process

Research work: exploring all other guest houses to see how we can stand out
Text prototype
Brand Book: logo creation, choice of colors, typography
Within 4 weeks
Transfer design on Tilda
Adaptation of design for mobile and tablet devices
Setting up the animation
Basic SEO settings (H1, H2, H3, img tags, badges for each page and keywords)
Domain connection
Design of one unique page (plus informational pages)
Interior photoshoot

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