Redesign concept
UX/UI Design
The main task was to create a minimalistic and intuitive online store.
The brand began its journey in December 2017. SAMARA bags are ruthless, simple and elegant. The main goal is to create minimalistic clothing accessories that would not be openly advertised, would be environmentally friendly, and would not harm animals. Without luxury margins, but the same quality as luxury brands.

Home page

The main page is like a showcase — you need to show everything at once, but the way that the content is not loaded with various information flows and will be remembered for its corporate identity.


One of the main tasks of the catalog is to place correctly and logically categories and product filters.

Product page

The main goal of the product page was to arrange the product information in an intuitive way. The story of the product is just as important as the brand is a sustainable production.

Typography and colors



A lookbook is a product demonstration. It is important to use the space correctly and set the visual rhythm in such a way that it is interesting and smooth to view the collection.

Purchase process

Payment is the step at which many give up. To avoid this, the path from the cart to the "Checkout" button should be as clear as possible to any user profile.
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UX/UI Design

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