News site
Redesign concept
UX/UI Design
The main task is to redesign a news site.
Positive News is a cooperative owned by readers and journalists from all over the world, and any surplus generated is reinvested in journalism. They were the first media organization in the world to offer "community shares" around the world through crowdfunding.


Home page

The main task of the news portal is as few decorative elements as possible in order to more easily and clearly perceive a large amount of text content.


The main problem turned out to be that the original site does not have a current logical organization by topics. For this, blocks by topic were designed on the section page.

Typography and colors


Article page

The page of the article is at first glance simple in its structure, but here it is worth strictly following the rules of typography so that the content is easy to read.
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UX/UI Design + Tilda
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