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UX/UI Design
The main task is to redesign a corporate website.
The company was founded in 2016. The goal is to isolate carbon for massive planetary impact. It is a biotech startup in Northern Europe and California, armed with a decade of science, world-class technological engineering and enormous potential for Earth systems.

Home page

The main page of a corporate website should not only attract attention, but also interest and immerse you in the service, product, and business history.

About company

The company always has something to be proud of — awards, partners and, most importantly, employees.


Today, any product has competitors. Therefore, it is important to highlight its special characteristics and advantages.


After analyzing the existing site, unspecified pages about the additional service were found. The challenge was to piece the duplicate content together and place it in a logical order.

Typography and colors



Talking about biotechnology is not enough to understand clearly what it is about. For this, graphics have been added to the content, which make the complex visual.


When analyzing competitors, not a single company says openly that it is possible to take part in its development. To do this, I have highlighted a special page so that anyone can invest.
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